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Greenfields or Brownfields? We take the project from inception through to completion. 

  • Engineering documentation and reports needed for Resource Consents

  • Subdivisions and scheme plans

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By using our state of the art 3-D modelling software, we can provide accurate estimates of earthworks volumes and finished surface levels.

  • Earthworks (inclusive of volume calculations and erosion and sediment control)

  • Slip remediation and slip repairs

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We use state of the art computer simulation software to back up our cost effective solutions for stormwater drainage in residential builds and subdivisions. We also do capacity analysis, flood plain analysis and applications for new connections to public systems.

  • Stormwater mitigation designs, primary and secondary stormwater management, overland flow path and flooding analysis.

  • Engineering plan approvals for stormwater connections or diversions


WJ can size all stormwater requirements for residential projects including detention and retention tanks, soakage pits and other disposal devices.

Our wastewater department can provide specifications and design for all on site wastewater systems required for residential projects. We can determine the best type of system and sizing of the disposal field which is ideal for your project.

We can also assist in the specification of domestic sewage pump stations and pressurised rising mains.


We are experts in site inspection and construction guidance. We are well versed on what the council requires to get your project complied. WJ uses the latest in application based technology to provide the best experience to the various project stakeholders, communicate what is holding up the process and push through the project. We can provide Producer Statement 4 (PS4) certification for:

  • Concrete pre-pour: steel checks for foundations, block walls, and cast in-situ concrete.

  • Structural beam, connection and bracing inspection.

wastewater drainage.jpg

We provide state of the art solutions to your on-site effluent treatment problems; upgrading existing systems and designing new installations. We also provide the full service for capacity analysis and applications for new connections to public sewer systems.

  • Sanitary sewer network systems designs

  • Engineering plan approvals for sanitary sewers 

roading & driveway accesses.jpg

We are known for our in-house capacity to do minor traffic engineering work, inclusive of ROW designs which comply with the Auckland Unitary Plan, vehicle tracking assessments, and new accessway applications (major and minor). 

  • Driveways and accesses designs

  • Road safety improvements and intersection upgrades

environmental impact.png

We believe that Environmental impact mitigation is of utmost importance in Civil design. Compliance with surface water quality, erosion and sediment control requirements are crucial to many of our projects and we pride ourselves in getting it right every time.

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