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Construction monitoring refers to the physical inspection of selective components of the design or works as required by Council and as specified in the Consented documents. It is up to the Consent holder to read the special conditions set out by Council and arrange for the required inspections to be done. No PS4 can be issued without the physical inspection of works and sighting of Consented plans either by the design engineer, his representative or another qualified engineer. DOWNLOAD PDF

It is also important to note that, more often than not, there are two physical components that needs verification:

  1. Geotechnical or grounding Conditions –referring to the strength or bearing capacity of the soil

  2. Structural Components – verify that works are done as per design and in accordance with the consented plans.

To complicate matters there can be multiple engineers that might be engaged on the same site: 

  • Civil Engineer – To do storm water and waste water designs

  • Geotechnical Engineer – to do a Geotech report and specificity soil parameters as required

  • Structural Engineer – to design structural components such as retaining walls, raft floors, beams and so on.

In cases where engineers from different companies are appointed it is important to make sure all the required boxes are ticked as not to complicate matters when it comes to the issuing of all the relevant PS4’s.


Note: sites in the Auckland area might requires multiple PS4’s for the same component (e.g. a raft floor requires a Geotechnical Engineer to verify the bearing capacity of the platform and a Structural engineer needs to verify the structural components are according to the design.

Not to mention a Council inspection is also required on the same floor to verify position, plumbing and so on. 

In Summary:

  • Read the conditions as laid out in the Consent documents to which elements of the design requires a PS4’s from the design engineer.

  • Have Consented plans on site during inspection time

  • Book inspections ahead of time (a minimum of 48 hours in advanced)

  • Ensure both grounding conditions as well as structural components are inspected. In some cases this might mean two separate inspections if different engineers are involved. 

  • If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at any time during business hours.

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